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End-to-end messaging encryption was not cracked, but it didn't need to be, because the attackers could see the messages displayed on the phones' screens. Devices running iOS 10 or later were vulnerable to at least one attack vector over the month period between the launch of iOS 10 in September and the discovery of the issues in January The Project Zero team informed Apple about the problems on February 1 , and the problems were patched out within a week. Unlike many other security problems, which are discovered by researchers, disclosed privately and then fixed before anyone with bad intentions can use them, these problems have been exploited for years.

This is the best way to make sure that your device is safe from the latest online threats, amongst other benefits like new features.

It supports even the latest version of the iOS and lets you track as well as perform many remote activities on the device. It does not even require a monthly subscription as you just pay once, and you are good to go. Not only does Flexispy let you spy on an iPhone, but it also helps you perform a number of operations on the iPhone remotely.

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You can monitor installed apps, view data, manage Internet usage, and perform several other tasks. We hope our guide above has given you adequate advice for you to choose an iPhone spy app that helps you keep an eye on various activities happening on iPhones. You can always give a try to various apps and then choose the one that fits your requirements.

Mobile Tracker. Part 1. Spyera If you are looking for a spy app that not only works on iOS but works for many other platforms as well, Spyera is what you should be getting for yourself.

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Norton Family Premier Norton Family Premier has been designed to keep an eye on your kids and to track their activities to ensure they are doing appropriate things on their devices. Qustodio Qustodio lets you manage and supervise the activities happening on your kids' iPhones, so you know what's happening and how to manage it.

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TheTruthSpy TheTruthSpy is a monitoring tool for both home and commercial purposes and it allows you to remotely view the activities happening on an iPhone. Spyzie While most apps require your iPhone to be jailbroken to use their features, Spyzie has a non-jailbroken app version that lets you track activities without having to jailbreak your device. Flexispy Not only does Flexispy let you spy on an iPhone, but it also helps you perform a number of operations on the iPhone remotely. Conclusion We hope our guide above has given you adequate advice for you to choose an iPhone spy app that helps you keep an eye on various activities happening on iPhones.

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Check out this table to see if it supports the device you want to monitor:. Other than this, you can use this app to keep tabs on the call history, SMS, IM chats and location of the device too. You will have to sign up for iSpyoo and install it on the device you want to monitor too.

You can view the browsing history on the monitored device to check what websites they have visited from their browser along with the time and date stamps. No rooting or jailbreak is required. Check the compatibility table for more details:. Depending on the features you need, you can choose any plan you like.

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However, their most sold plan is the Premium Plan. You can use it to keep track of your employees or kids. It lets you keep tabs on not just a mobile phone but also a PC. That means you can count on MobiStealth to monitor the web browsing history on both PC and phone. It provides a comprehensive list of features to monitor your kids and employees. You can track their location, monitor chat on different messengers, view SMSs and even access their mail. MobiStealth records all the URLs of the sites visited by the user on their device and sends that information to your user account.

As you open your account, you will be able to monitor their web browsing history with time and date stamps. Check out the compatibility of MobiStealth to find out if it can work on the device you want to monitor:. If you want to use MobiStealth for monitoring an Android device, you can choose from two plans i. It is another reliable spy tool with amazing features and interface to track another smartphone.

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It makes it easier for you to monitor browsing history on another device remotely. It is a useful tool to monitor your employees and keep an eye on what your kids are doing. As you subscribe to this app, you will be able to spy on IM chats, track their location, manage calls and even remotely control the device you want to monitor.

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TheTruthSpy provides you access to the history of websites visited by the monitored device from its control panel. A great thing is that you can also block or restrict certain URLs that you do not want the monitored device to visit. You can also find out the number of times the target user has visited a particular website. TheTruthSpy is not that much of a compatible app. If you want to use this app to monitor an iOS device, the device must be jailbroken already. Have a look at its compatibility:.


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If you want to subscribe to TheTruthSpy, you will have 3 plans to choose from. If you just have basic spying needs i. All this tracking is done remotely via an online dashboard. You just have to register and set up an account with Spyzie and you are good to go. You must log into your Spyzie account first. It will show all the URLs visited by the monitored device along with the time and date when they were accessed.